What Makes a Collectible Coin Valuable?

Coin collecting is a highly popular hobby and tradition. Many people have passed their collection down for generations in their family. But what makes certain coins so special that people would want to collect them? What makes them valuable?


Rarity is the number one factor in the popularity and value of a coin. You will be able to sell a rare coin for a higher price than a more common coin. Consider the 1889 Morgan Silver. This coin was currency during the times of the Wild West, and although 350,000 pieces of these coins were produced, not all of them were circulated. Today, these coins are rare and are in high demand among coin collectors. Circulated pieces have value, but those that are uncirculated or in excellent condition, which is highly rare, are worth even more. You can find these coins in 4 mint marks including the Philadelphia mint which is without a mintmark, the “CC” (Carson City), “O” (New Orleans), and “S” (San Francisco). In extremely fine condition, the Philadelphia main mint is worth $32.06; 1889 “O” is worth $32.06; 1889 “S” is worth $76; and 1889 “CC” is worth $2,004. For custom quotes on rare coins, it’s best to contact a rare coin dealer such as Cash for Gold Mailer.


How much wear a coin has can raise or lower the value of a coin. An uncirculated coin or at least one in excellent or extremely fine condition will be more valuable than a coin in good or fine condition. Going back to the 1889 “CC” Morgan Silver Dollar, in extremely find condition, the coin is worth $2,004. While in good or fine condition, the coin is worth $342 or $583 respectively. When appraising a coin based on its condition, the appraiser looks at the physical damage, checking for scratches, dents, corrosion, or carbon spots, to name a few.


Strike refers to the sharpness and crispness of a design. If the design of a coin is flat, mushy, and unappealing, then the coin will not hold as much value as a coin with a sharp, crisp design.


This could fit under condition, but it’s important to point this factor out separately. If a coin is appealing to the eye, it has a higher value than a coin that is dingy and damaged. For a buyer, a cheap rare coin may be a great steal in the short run, but in the long run a great conditioned, attractive coin is a better investment.

Metallic content

The current state and value of the silver and gold market has a significant impact on the value of your coin. The market has been known to raise the prices of more common coins containing these metals, making them hold more value than their actual worth. Pay attention to the market and use precaution. Coins made of gold, silver, or platinum are frequently sold for the value of their metallic content alone.


The design aesthetic of a coin is an important factor as well. There are many coins with beautiful designs and craftsmanship, where collectors actually seek out specific coins based on their design more than any other factor.

As you can see, there are many factors that affect the value of a coin. The most important factors to keep in mind are rarity, condition, appeal, and demand, with demand being the most important. As long as your coins are sought after and are considered a highly valuable find, there will always be a place in the market for your coin collection.

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