2016 American Eagle Gold Coin Bullion – Where to Buy and Sell

The American Eagle gold coin was first introduced in the market in 1986. The design chosen for the obverse side of the coin was liberty, as depicted by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. It continues to be available in four sizes: 1 oz, ½ oz ¼ oz and 1/10 oz. It has a purity of 22K, (91.3% Gold). The US Mint is one of the most prolific coin manufacturers in history. The popularity of the American Eagle Gold coin stretches globally thanks to the US having a large gold coin market and the largest gold reserves in the world. There are two types of American Eagle coins: one type is meant for collecting and the other type is meant for investing.


Where to Sell

If you are looking to sell your American Eagle Gold Bullion coins, go to Cash for Gold Mailer for the best prices and services. The company is accredited by the BBB for its industry. They are able to provide you the best prices for your gold coins by eliminating other expenses that local retailers have to face such as rent, advertising, and security. Shipments to and from the company are fast, free and insured. After they receive your gold coins, you will receive an email with an appraisal of your gold and a cash offer. If you choose to accept it, you can get an online payment or check through the mail, but if you choose to reject it you will receive your gold coins back.


Buying American Eagle Proof And Uncirculated Coins for Collectors

The US Mint produces special proof versions of the American Eagle Bullion designed to be kept by collectors. The minting process for these coins is much more complex and is individually inspected for aesthetic perfection. The coins are sealed in a protective plastic casing and mountain in a satin-lined velvet presentation case, complete with official certificates from the US Mint. Uncirculated coins are prepared in a similar way but carry the “W” mint mark of the US Mint at West Point. These coins carry numismatic value and over time they could be worth more than regular gold bullions of the same size. You can purchase these coins straight from the US Mint. Their prices fluctuate once gold prices reach a certain point.


Buying American Eagle Bullion Coins For Investors

These coins are congressionally authorized and were designed to be traded in the market. The intention behind these coins was to give investors a way to store small physical amounts of precious metals in their investment portfolios. Gold and silver American Eagle bullion coins were launched in 1986, while platinum was added in 1997. The value of a bullion coin is dependent on its weight and the precious metal used. It removes the complexities of having to determine its value through rarity, collectability, condition, and age. They are traded around gold coin markets using the current gold spot price as a basis for pricing.

The US Mint does not sell these gold bullion coins directly to the public, but rather distributes them through accredited networks of coin dealers, participating banks, brokerage companies and other authorized purchasers. This scheme allows for efficient distribution in retail and investment markets. You can purchase these coins online at jmbullion.com or use the US Mint Catalog to find an accredited seller in your local area.

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Trading Gold Coins

This gives you the ability to buy and sell gold coins as you please to take advantage of market changes. Gold Coins are the best way to do this if you prefer to actually have the gold bullion in your hands. If you’re not so concerned with being able to physically hold your gold investments, you can always buy gold on forex and ETF markets that reflect price changes in gold (such as the ETF “GLD”).

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