Gold Coin Prices

Gold Coin Prices

What Makes a Collectible Coin Valuable?

Coin collecting is a highly popular hobby and tradition. Many people have passed their collection down for generations in their family. But what makes certain coins so special that people would want to collect them? What makes them valuable? Rarity … Continue reading

Buying & Selling Gold Coins: Canadian Maple Leaf & American Eagle

As markets all over the world continue to be unstable, gold remains as a top investment choice to fight against volatility. If you do decide to invest in gold coins, it is highly recommended to purchase the Canadian Maple Leaf … Continue reading

Guide to Buying Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins

Gold bullion coins have become a popular investment especially in times of global and national financial uncertainties. Investing in gold bullion coins is the easiest method to acquire gold. Since gold has been increasing in value in the past decade, … Continue reading